Cleaning and Caring for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

It is important when using patio furniture or any type of outdoor furniture, whether for personal or business use, that it is cared for and cleaned at the end of the season, or at least once a year. Outdoor furniture, Sydney based may be used all year round which means it is important to take the time to look after it so that it lasts longer and does not have to be replaced too soon from neglect. The fact is that not all types of furniture have the same kind of needs, the material they are made from needs to be taken into consideration too. Here is a great quick guide to looking after it all.

General tips

Before you read any of these care tips please do read the instructions that came with the furniture when you bought it! Some manufacturers have specific care instructions for their furniture that you should make yourself aware of. That said some general for any type of outdoor furniture care include;

• Avoid using chlorine bleach or pine oil, these are too harsh for most materials and unless the manufacturer specifically states in the instructions that they are OK to use, skip them.
• Avoid using a power wash as it is too hard on the furniture and could damage it.
• Clean more regularly with mild dish soap and warm water and a soft rag or sponge then dry by patting with a cloth that is lint free.

• When it is not being used cover it up to protect it not just from dirt but also from the elements.

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Specific tips on different material outdoor furniture Sydney

Wicker furniture – Harder to clean as the dust gets into the actual frame itself but a great trick is to vacuum it! The suction can draw out the dust and particles you cannot get to tanks to its twisted nooks. Then give a wipe down with a damp cloth using 1 part mild detergent and then 3 parts warm water. If there is anything harder to clean use a brush with soft bristles. If the wicker is splitting from drying out spray it with a mist of water from a spray bottle and let dry outside. Only do this once or twice a year though.

Teak outdoor furniture – Attractive but the problem with teak is that it does not do well in damp environments and is more prone to mildew problems. Use a brush to scrub once a year, being oily it does look after itself for the rest of it. In some cases, it will need further oiling but be guided by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Metal furniture – There are several types of metal furniture you can get so details can vary on each one. Inspect it once a year for damage especially checking for rust or the varnish bubbling. Use sandpaper to remove if you find any. Then re-varnish or paint. Be wary of bird droppings which are very acidic and cause damage. Wipe them down with soapy warm water a few times a year.

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