Cleaning Your Tiles – Finding the Best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout

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For most people taking care of floor cleaning and tile and grout cleaning is hard work. It is important though not to neglect the grout between the tiles as a lot of dirt, grease and germs can build up on them that regular mopping may not take care of. Thankfully a lot of companies have been developing tile and grout cleaning machines for home use to help with the job. So if you cannot afford to keep bringing in professional cleaners here is a look at what these machines can do for you.

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Dealing correctly and safely with grout stains

People can have tiling and therefore grout in various places in the home, from floors to bathrooms to kitchens. It is therefore important to know how to keep them and the grouting clean, and how to do it effectively, safely and without a whole lot of hard scrubbing, chemicals and time. There is also the problem that if you do it by hand different tiles and grout can need different attention. You do not want to damage the coloring with your cleaning.

For that reason, some stick to mild detergents or makeup solutions of their own using things like vinegar or baking soda. Unfortunately, people sometimes forget to use gloves to protect their hands which is advisable whether you make your own solutions or use manufactured cleaners. If you opt for one of the tile and grout cleaning machines for home use though, these problems are no more.

Handheld Steam Cleaner

Why you should use the best handheld steam cleaner for grout

Manual cleaning takes a long time, especially if you have a lot of tiling in your home and it is hard work physically. When they are not cleaned regularly they start to stain over the years. Grout is absorbent so it accumulates moisture, grime, and dirt, a lot of which is not removed with washing alone. With a good steam cleaner, the job is greatly shortened in how much time it takes you, it is a lot easier physically and on your hands and it is a very effective method of cleaning without having to use harsh chemicals.

How long would it take to scrub say two bathrooms, a kitchen floor, and the kitchen backdrop? With tile and grout cleaning machines for home use, you can feel confident in how clean your home really is with less effort and remove even the toughest stains. Finding effective Eco-friendly means to get your home clean is a win-win for everyone making this investment well worth it.

Other benefits to steam cleaning

• Easy to use and complete
• Prevents damage to grout from too much water used in manual cleaning
• Eliminates far more germs and bacteria as well as mold
• Steam penetrates a lot deeper than other cleaning methods
• Dries almost instantly
• Remove allergens from homes making it a great option for people with allergies


When choosing a handheld steam cleaner think about the weight. It will have water in it so how heavy can you handle and for how long. You will find some come with tools. What budget are you working with and how easy is the machine to maneuver?

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