Commercial Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal companies in New Jersey are the ones that have contracts with businesses to clean their lots of snow.  The equipment they use is a snowplow that is attached to the front of a truck.  In addition to the lots of businesses, they can be used to clear streets, paths, railroad tracks, and airport runways.  Many snowplows are attached to the truck or machine by attaching special accessories so they can be removed and stored away when not in use.  Other snow plows self-contained and considered a piece of equipment that has a single-purpose, which is removing snow and ice.

Although there are different types of equipment that removes snow and is referred to as a snowplow, they are technically not a snowplow.  Some of these other plows used to remove snow include pickup trucks that have snow blades that push the snow off, front-end loaders, and ATVs with attachments.  Recently the manufactures of ice and snow removal equipment have designed snowplows and devices that are similar but make snow removal New Jersey more efficient and easier.  Companies are now making snowplows designed especially for residential use. 

The straight snowplow is an easily manipulated piece of equipment that is simply constructed.  Those that remove snow from parking lots, such as a shopping mall, schools, big business parks, etc, prefer this type of snowplow.  In order to ensure that the parking lot is free of snow the operator will have to make passes constantly over the parking lot to move the snow in a direction that takes it away from the building.  For example, if it is a shopping mall all of the snow may be pushed to the edge of the parking lot making huge piles of snow that will eventually melt. When using this method of snow removal New Jersey, the operator must always keep the blade angled toward the perimeter of the property.  The objective is to push the snow as far away from the building as the operator can.  With this type of snowplow, the operator is unable to scoop snow up and remove it to another area.  The type of blade can only push the snow toward the area, which is why they have to make constant trips.

When the snow has solidified into ice, snow removal companies in New Jersey use a V-plow to remove the snow.  This type of blade can be angled so that it can cut through the icy wall of snow.  Once the blade has cut through the snow, the blade is repositioned so the plow can push the snow into stacks along the perimeter of the property.  The operator can also reposition the blade into a scooping position to scrape and carry the snow into piles. 

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