Do you need a commercial electrician?

Commercial electrician

Commercial buildings are not the same as residential buildings, so it makes sense that if you have electrical needs in a commercial building, you find a commercial electrician. Different skills, training, experiences, and systems come with electrical wiring in a public building. It is understandably a law then that commercial building owners employ commercial electricians that are properly licensed. When you need a commercial electrician in Lakewood or where you are, there are certain duties and a level of expertise you need. Here is a look at what makes a commercial electrician different and some examples of typical work and needs.

Public structures must be accessible

The structures of commercial buildings are not the same as a home. There are more open bathrooms, more hallways, doorways and it is meant to be accessible to everybody. That means some slopes and grading for those in wheelchairs, maneuverability and safety and access for all. Part of the work a commercial electrician has to perform includes making sure all the electrical needs for public access are also met.

Fire safety is essential

One of the most important aspects of a commercial electrician’s job is to make sure the building is fire safe. There are very strict codes to meet for the wiring to ensure the public using the building are as safe as they can be. A commercial electrician in Wall must know those regulations intimately and undertake safe work, understanding all the safety components involved. All commercial properties should also have emergency lighting installed carefully and correctly.

Rules and regulations

The type of circuit panels, wiring, and breakers that commercial properties have must follow a far stricter code of regulations than residential homes have to since more people are going in and out of them. A commercial electrician in Lakewood must use durable materials.

If a building was once residential and then the owner converts it into a public space like a daycare center, office space, hairdressers, it must be brought up to commercial code. The electrician must convert the electrical wiring to the different standards, commercial-grade systems for fire safety must be installed and it must be opened up so all members of the public can access it. Many buildings remain looking like the private homes they once were but are converted to something public like a restaurant. You cannot just leave the electrical work as it was when it was a home, to be legal you have to hire a commercial electrician to bring it up to the new codes and make it safe.


A commercial electrician in Toms River with the correct license, training, and experience knows all the codes and regulations they have to bring a building up to. When a space is a private one for the individual or family residing in the property there are not the same safety issues and electrical demands.

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