The Massage Appointment: How to Get Most Out of Your “Me” Time!

Massage Appointment

A massage is an experience. Full body massages are very helpful in relaxing all parts of your body including all major and minor pressure points. It’s always best to research the best spa or salon to get your massage and even ask friends or relatives for recommendations.

Once you’ve found your spa, book your appointment and prepare for a breathtaking and relaxing experience. The massage works in two ways. The therapist is well trained in handling all body types and will be able to analyze which parts to work on most on your body. He’ll ask you a few questions as well to get a better idea about how your body works and various pain points. Other than that, how awesome the massage experience is for you depends on you. It’s based on how well you respond to the therapist.

Here, we offer you some advice on the ways to maximise your massage experience in the best way possible. You need to be in a relaxed state and forget all stress the day of your massage appointment. Make sure you’re hydrated before going. Relaxed clothing is recommended as you may need to undress after you reach the appointment.

Therapists will allow you to undress in privately and only leave those parts of your body accessible to the therapist where he or she will massage you. In most situations, a towel is draped around your abdominal area and you lie chest down. Similarly, once you’re done you can dress in your normal clothes in privacy.

Make sure to discuss your health history with the therapist before commencing and also mention which areas of your body hurt the most. You need to mention any allergies you have so he or she uses only those lotions and oils that you won’t be allergic to. Some places will play light background music and you can request complete silence if that’s what you prefer.

Massage Appointment

During the course of the massage, your therapist will be in constant communication with you. He or she will ask you if you’re okay with the pressure he is applying. Shall he go slow or fast, that’s entirely up to you. Remember, you’re paying for this massage so he or she needs to give you the best treatment possible. The therapist will take in your concerns and apply pressure accordingly.

Make sure to stay loose and relaxed at all times during the massage treatment. That’s the best way to enjoy it. The more stressed and stiff you are, it will lessen the impact of the therapy. Everyone deals with stress on a daily basis but your massage time is your time. It’s meant to take you away from that crazy life and put you in a place of bliss. So enjoy that “me” time because it won’t last too long.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t come for repeat visits. Schedule regular massage appointments with your therapist because the impact gets better with each visits. Progress and results will show over time. Your body deserves spoiling as much as you so pamper it from time to time. It will thank you once the results start showing.

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