Glass Damage Restoration

Glass was once something only the very rich could afford to have. Now it is everywhere, most commonly as windows in buildings, we see it and look through it every day. When it is properly installed, free from blemish and damage it looks lovely. But sometimes it does have scratching and worse. When that happens you need to find an expert for glass restoration in Los Angeles. Here is a look at some of the damage that can happen and what repairs can look like.

Damage from installation

When a person damages glass during installation that is usually very easy to see. It can happen when those transporting it did not tie it down properly and it slides and bumps around and scratches happen usually close together.

Damage during or after construction

Glass that construction damages have more irregular scratching patterns. Sometimes it happens when workers are not careful and they run against it with a metal object. Then during the cleanup process after construction cleaners can accidentally damage it if they are not careful. Tempered glass most often sees that kind of damage and it is a problem in residential and commercial construction.

Damage from welding slag runoff

Welding slag runoff is molten metal that in small amounts flies out in various directions as someone is welding. Sometimes that hot metal hits the glass and that does the deepest type of damage as it burns into it. Sometimes the specks dry on the glass and then you cannot scrape them off.

Damage from acid burn

Another burn type of damage can happen from acid, though this is more shallow. When acid is in use near the glass small splashes and spray can reach it leading to a leaving a white haze where it hit.

Damage from graffiti

A more malicious source of damage that can happen to glass is graffiti. Painted graffiti is annoying but you can remove it fairly easily with a razor blade and some water. But graffiti that uses acid or scratching to achieve is not something you can fix. The severity of damage can range from light and slight to very deep, almost as bad as the welding slag. The scratching is usually done with diamond or a glass cutting tool, the acid using hydrofluoric acid and a shoe polish bottle or brush. To remove graffiti from glass you need to find professionals.

Specialist repairs and restoration

You can find experts in glass restoration in Los Angeles and elsewhere. When you find a few you like the look of, set up an appointment with them so they can look at the damage and give you an estimate for the repair work. Typically the process will involve cleaning first, then grinding to get out the damage and then polishing to return the glass to its original form. The experts have specialized abrasive and polish compounds as well as power tools to work with. Often if the damage is not too extensive it can cost less than replacing the glass.

Rather than having to have an expert remove graffiti from glass regularly (if it keeps happening), you could have anti-graffiti film applied to protect it.

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