Choosing a Good Asphalt Paving Contractor

When you need a professional for asphalt paving, it can be tricky knowing which one to choose. As a homeowner you might have already faced the issues before, scammers, or just handymen claiming to be something more than they are, leading to projects not done well, or incomplete. Most homeowners do not have the knowledge or equipment themselves either, so you have to look at local asphalt paving contractors to find someone reliable with experience and skill. Here is a look at how to go about finding one, and what to consider when narrowing down the options.

Finding a contractor

When it comes to finding a list of potential contractors there are probably three main options you have.

  1. Look in your local business directory and write down the names and phone numbers you find there and give them a call.
  2. Look online, you can also look at the information they offer there.
  3. If you have neighbors, friends and family who might have had asphalt paving laid down before, ask about who they used, what were they like, are they happy with the results?

Of the list you acquire you then need to check off that they have a valid insurance certificate, they have the experience, look into customer comments and testimonials and try to see past paving work to see how it looks now.

Seeing the difference between professionals and scammers

There is a lot of competition in this industry today so of course, companies are making sure they advertise, and that they have an online presence. Even cowboys outfits have realized that a website makes them look more professional and adds to the lies they sell. Here is a look at the questions and thoughts you should have before you make a final decision on who you hire.

  1. Which of the asphalt paving contractors offer better customer services and do they have after the job customer care too?
  2. Are the techniques and equipment they use modern and do they have good knowledge of them?
  3. Are the sales personnel knowledgeable and can help you through the choice of what options there are, and the benefits to each one?
  4. What is the process of repair if and when that happens?
  5. Are there other value-added services they offer?
  6. Are the products they use high quality?
  7. What kind of communication happens? Will they communicate in the manner you prefer? Some people like emails as it is all in writing for example.
  8. How long will it take them to finish the job?
  9. How long have they been in the business?
  10. Can they show you the work they have done previously?


These are all questions that can help you compare the different options and see which ones suit you best. Do not be tempted to just go for the one that is the lowest price. You need a good job done and sometimes with better quality materials, better experience, better equipment that means paying a bit more for your asphalt paving.

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