5 Reasons Why A Full Length Mirror Is Must Have Item For Your Dressing Room

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A full-length mirror gives your full image allowing you to view your body from head to toe. Therefore, it is a must-have item for everyone who cares about their image. It gives a person the chance to develop their sense of style. It may as well be described as the most important item for a stylish woman.

Full Length Mirror Provides a Larger View

A full length mirror allows one to view how their footwear affects their outfit, or how much skirt length works best for your outfit, in general how the pieces of your outfit complement each other. Very few times seeing your top and bottom half separately will work but it is amazing how different one looks seeing their entire self. It is intriguing how people can survive without knowing how the rear view of their outfit looks like. That is totally wrong. Since as many people see you from the back as those that see you from the front, it is only right you give as much attention to the rear as you do the front. It may save you the embarrassment of walking around with your shirt tucked in your pants. You will find people staring at your backside in awe and because you are confident you will immediately jump to conclude they are staring in admiration while it is not the case.

Full Length Mirror can be used to complement the Design of the House

The mirror can be placed over cracks and crevices, or over a wall that needs a little maintenance and the owner hasn’t found the time to do it. The full-length mirror can be used to cover these areas. If you have succeeded in integrating the mirror with the theme of the room and it turns out to be a beautiful piece, everyone will be so busy admiring the mirror or admiring themselves in the mirror to notice the imperfections on the wall.

The full-length mirror may also be placed in the bathroom. Bathroom wall mirroris traditionally used for checking appearance, applying make-up or shaving. However, they may find more applications depending on the way they are installed. Before finding some reason to rule them out let’s first explore some of their uses.

The mirrors create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom. This is especially applicable for the guest bath which is normally a small room in most households. A full length mirror creates the illusion of a room twice the size the room actually is. Where there is a window it is recommended that the mirror is placed on the opposite side.

In addition, the bathroom mirror can be used as artwork. Finding artwork complementary to the bathroom is especially hard. Placing the mirror on the opposite side of the window creates symmetry and balances the bathroom space.  Using a decorative frame increases the aesthetics of the mirror.

A full-length mirror is of paramount importance in every home. The mirrors are available in a range of prices in local stores; therefore, they cater to individuals varying incomes. Also, the option of customizing is like icing on a cake, makes the deal even better. Get yourself one and see your life transformed.

A Full Length Mirror is Safe

Most people have mirrors in the bathroom or in their bedrooms that show only the top half of the body that is from the hips upwards. Therefore, if one wants to check the bottom half of the body they have to contort themselves in dangerous positions, maybe climb on the bed or on the bathtub. These maneuvers are potentially dangerous and a person may fall and hurt themselves.

If you are on a tight budget or if you were using a smaller mirror, a full length mirror may seem overly expensive. The good thing is full-length mirrors come in different designs, qualities and of course prices. With a little effort, you can acquire one without having to forego some of your usual expenses.

Full Length Mirror can be Framed Using Different Design Frames

The mirror can be accessorized by framing and painting the frame in a color that lightens up the mood of the room. Also, the mirrors can be cut into various designs depending on the specifications of the homeowner. The owner can thus express their uniqueness. The presence of full-length mirror accessorized by the owner to complement the room makes a style statement and leaves a lasting impression.

Full Length Mirror Increases the Available Light

A mirror increases the available light in your home. Mirrors reflect light, which brings in more natural light into a room. This effect increases even more when you use a large mirror such as a full length mirror. The larger the mirror the more the light and vice versa.

The same principle (reflection) that increases the light in the room also makes the room feel bigger. It creates the illusion of a larger room. It has the added advantage of making the room feel more welcoming.

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