Choosing The Best Exterior Paint For Your Dream Home

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If you’re painting the exterior of your home, don’t rush. Spend some time  to take a decision. The interior of your house is all about personal colour preferences, but the exterior is all about durability and protection. It’s about safeguarding your biggest investment. And at the same time it isn’t an easy decision to redo, so don’t fast forward it.

Even if required, don’t hesitate to spend a little more money. Investing in a premium paint is a wise choice as the paint needs to cover well, resist stains and stand up to weather.

Unlike interiors, exterior hues will affect the entire street and that puts a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing a palette for the exterior. Also, several factors come into play that you don’t have to deal with the exterior of a house.

Use these tips to choose the paint that works both for style and surroundings.

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Just like with any other project, you will need to carefully prepare and plan for your house as well. Few things are very important and should be given careful thought for your painting project to be a success.

Measurement to calculate the amount of paint needed

Even if you are at the consideration state this should be the first thing to make a note of. Take rough measurements of your walls so that you get an approximate idea of the quantity of paint required. Also, while painting the walls, it is always wise to make the paint with desired colour shade in excess, just because of the simple fact that if the paint is insufficient, making the exact shade again becomes a tricky job. Any minute difference in the shade will ruin the entire look of the walls.

Credible Paint Brands

There are a lot of arguments about that any brand of paint is good enough. Still, it is advisable to buy brands that are well known. Credible brands are used regularly by homeowners and furthermore, they also offer a warranty.

Another point that is in favour of buying a credible brand is that they fit well to the surface that you are painting and is safe and does not contain harmful chemicals or any toxic materials.

So, do your research and survey before buying paints that are not credible.

Selecting Paint Colours

Visualisation is not just enough for selecting the shade for your house; you will need to get some samples. Buy a quarter of two of the colours you have in mind and paint a piece of panel to see the effect of the light on it at different times of the day. This will give you clarity of the colour scheme. Also, every colour has a different psychology and evokes all together with a different feeling. For instance, it is wise to paint the children’s room in bright and vibrant colours. One can also opt for different wall patterns and designs. Similarly, it is preferred to paint your grandparent’s rooms with light colours which are harmony with the quieter stage of their life.

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Paint Cost

Your one-time investment can give you lifetime returns. That is the biggest reason why the cost of the paint should never be a concern for you. If you buy paints that are less expensive and not lasting on the walls then you will have to apply two coats which will double the cost, while the more expensive ones will only require a single coat. On the contrary, the cost alone isn’t everything. The market review from the customers plays a critical role. While most shopkeepers tend not to give an impartial review on account of commission they get from different brands, it’s your neighbours and friends who will give a fair review of a particular paint.

Affordability & Durability

Again, getting your home painted is not something you would do frequently. Think about value for the money that you are putting in. There are a variety of paints in the market that are affordable but may not last long. But if the paint is costly, yet durable. If it’s lead-free and emits no harmful fumes, then it’s certainly a value for money. So, keeping the cost aside, buy paint that is durable and gives all-round protection to the walls.

Finally, be smart and watchful when shopping around for paint of the exterior of the house and buy wisely so that you don’t end up exceeding your budget! However, in this particular buy “you have to spend money, to save money”.

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