Glass Table Decor Ideas to Serve Coffee in Restaurants

Modern restaurants provide different beverages to customers. The restaurant space can also be used as a study area while people sip n their coffee. Having different designs of coffee tables that can be used in coffee restaurants can make it look stylish and elegant. With a modern coffee restaurant, you want to have a stylish interior that will keep customers coming. In most urban centers where coffee restaurants are used as study areas, there is a need to have a highly decorated interior making it interesting and comfortable for customers.

Adding stylish looking glass coffee tables can be a good advantage to expanding the customer base and business presence in a certain area. If you require creating an attractive interior décor with glass tables tops in your coffee restaurant, you will find different designs that are described in this article. You can select either of the designs that interest you and try to incorporate them into your coffee restaurant and see if they make any difference in the long run.

Glass Coffee Table with Colored Glass

Colored glass has been known to introduce an element of brightness and positive mood. Having glass coffee tables that are made from back painted glass can make the interior of the restaurant look stylish and elegant. There are many designs that you can include in the restaurant that utilizes the back painted glass to increase the brightness of the space. Due to the overhead lights in the restaurant, the reflections of the back painted glass end up illuminating the restaurant which creates a unique interior décor. This is one of the most trendy and stylish designs that you can add to a coffee restaurant.

Round Glass Coffee Table with a Lighted Pedestal Support

A glass coffee table that has pedestal support depicts modernity and trendiness. This trendy design is suitable for modern interior décor since they create a unique environment and are also introduce elegance. When you are in need of creating an ambient atmosphere within the restaurant, you can add some lighting on the support. The pedestal support of the round glass table has added lighting which makes space look brighter and eye-catching. The pedestal support which is usually centered can be cladded in acrylic glass or plastic so that the lighting can be well spread all over the stem. The glass tabletop for this type of design should be the frosted type. This will allow the light not to pass through it entirely. The table top will remain lighted up and bright making it comfortable and interesting for customers. This is one of the trendy table décor ideas that are popular in urban restaurants.

Cube Mirrored the Coffee Table

The cube mirrored glass coffee tables is made out of a cube as the name suggests. The frame of the cube is made from steel bars. The steel bars are used to make a perfect cube that can fit into a small or large restaurant. Mirrors with a high reflective index are then fitted perfectly onto the sides of the steel frame. This makes it attractive to be used as a coffee table. The mirrors are used for all the sides apart from the bottom. The bottom of the base can be left open or another face be added which is not of glass. The table top of this type of coffee table is made from clear glass making it more attractive to use in the long run. Small legs are added at the base to ensure the table does not lay flat on the ground. Tempered glass should be used for both the mirrors and the table top to avoid any form of damage by scratching.  This is a stylish and trendy table to serve coffee.

Glass coffee table With an Aquarium Aquariums are attractive structures which can help you upgrade the look of your restaurants interior. There are many designs of aquariums that can be used to make glass coffee tables. Most individuals who are in the hostility industry understand what effects aquariums can have on the customer’s behaviors. When the aquariums are added to a restaurant, customers will be awed, and they will always want to visit the place which will look like they are interacting with nature. The aquarium is made from clear tempered glass which could also have laminated glass added to it to strengthen it. The top of this glass type will also have a clear glass which will make it easy for the customers to view the aquatic life while having their coffee. Using this table to serve coffee, however, will require you to take some precautions. You should ensure that the aquarium tanks are not easily opened to prevent the users from throwing dirt or pouring hot coffee which could be harmful to the aquatic life.

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