Contact best hardwood flooring contractor in Severna Park, MD to give your home a new look

There is a hardwood flooring contractor in Severna Park, MD that installs most of the pre-finished brands which provide you with a custom stain or a natural finish. It is family owned and operated and can install hardwood flooring on below or above grade. For custom floors, they offer on-site sanding of floors that are newly installed. They use stains and finishes of quality to give the floor a custom look.

Prefinished floors that have been reduced to bared wood can be resurfaced to look new again. If you have stair units of plywood they can install hardwood or oak overlays to give the stairway appearance of solid hardwood.

Re-coating of Hardwood floors

After sometime hardwood flooring can get dull and look worn out. Then it is time for re-coating of the hardwood floor. Generally, hardwood floors have to be re-coated in 5 – 10 years after installation. The procedure of re-coating takes about a day and you can walk on the hardwood floor in about 6 hours.

The best Hardwood flooring installation in Severna Park, MD undertake a lot of tasks like

  • Providing you a free estimate
  • Refinishing and sanding
  • Installation of engineered wood
  • Custom staining
  • Unfinished flooring
  • Repairs of hardwood flooring
  • Installation of pre-finished floors
  • Stair installation
  • Installation of exotic hardwood
  • Rail installation
  • Hardwood installation

How to find the best hardwood flooring contractors in Severna Park, MD?

Every homeowner wants experienced and professional flooring contractors to install hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, or vinyl flooring which they can proudly show off to their friends. The flooring contractor should be based in the local area and should have a good reputation in the locality for quality services at affordable prices.

He should be able to give a quote by phone, email or in person so you can know how much the job will cost in advance. When hiring a flooring contractor to ask for referrals so that you can be sure that his workmanship will be good. Then you can verify the licenses and credentials to make sure you have the right person for the job.

Hardwood flooring and Accessories

There are different types of hardwood flooring that you can choose for your home. There is solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and bamboo flooring. Solid wood flooring can add value and elegance to your home. It can be sanded, refinished and obtained in different finishes and textures.

Engineered wood flooring has a top layer of real wood and other layers underneath for strength and stability. Bamboo flooring is eco-friendly and renewable and can be sanded and refinished.


If you are looking for flooring that is durable and eco-friendly then you can choose bamboo flooring which is also easy to maintain.

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