The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring refers to a mix of different materials that are hardeners and resins. When mixed together they create a material that is plastic and rigid. It is widely popular in floor uses because it is durable, bonds well to almost any base layer, resistant and can handle heavy traffic. This makes it popular especially in public areas like hospitals and in industrial properties. Here is a closer look at the advantages of epoxy flooring and why it might be a good move for your own flooring needs.

Attractive appearance

Garage floors that have this flooring look professional, smooth and bright. When kept clean (and they are easy to sweep) they remain attractive and are less prone to stains and other things you see on say concrete floors.  

Affordable to have done

When you work the cost per foot of this flooring compared to other options, with most epoxy flooring companies this works out to be the most affordable. If your main need is something affordable, epoxy is hard to beat. 

Resistant to almost everything

As mentioned the issues of oil stains, bleaching or other spills that can happen are not a problem with epoxy because it is resistant to most things. That is why it is especially popular in garages, public areas, industrial and commercial areas. As well as being able to handle various chemical spills it is resistant to bacteria so is easy to keep germ free and it is water and heat resistant too.    

Longer lifespan than many other options and durable

Epoxy floors are very durable and they have a better lifespan than a lot of other flooring materials. If installed correctly it should last for a few decades without a lot of peeling or cracking.    

Protects the underlying material

The material under the epoxy flooring has protection which then saves money on maintenance and cleaning costs.

Variety of colors

You can get a variety of colors and you can arrange it in your choice of patterns or designs.  


There is some work that goes into the process of having this kind of flooring which is it makes sense to hire from one of the many epoxy coating contractors in Huntsville, AL. The concrete beneath needs to be prepared very carefully, cleaned, filled, and that can take some time if you do not have the experience and equipment. A homeowner can apply it themselves, but again, it is time consuming, so it makes sense to use the help of a professional. Several coats have to be applied and each one has to dry before the next can be. If you have an interest in epoxy floors, whether it be for a business, garage or home get in touch with a professional contractor and they can talk you through it!

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