Tips for Outdoor Hospitality Furniture Brisbane or Anywhere

Hospitality Furniture Brisbane

A part of what a hotel, resort or restaurant can offer their customers or guests as part of their positive experience, is the kind of furniture they have for them to use. Hospitality furniture is an important part of the atmosphere they create as well as needing to be practical and comfortable. Over the years different trends come and go in outdoor hospitality furniture, Melbourne, Brisbane and other places from small towns to larger cities. Here is a look at some of the common modern trends in outdoor hospitality furniture that currently stand out.

Aluminum material for its minimal care needs

When furniture is going to be outside in the elements, it makes it easier for owners when the material is one that is easy to clean and look after. Aluminum is easy to wipe down with warm soapy water, there are protective materials you can apply to it to make it more durable and then it really needs little maintenance after that. Being light means it is easy to move around and re-arrange when wanted.

Blues and greens are top colors

In the hospitality industry how different colors have an impact on guests and diners is studied and used to their advantage. Positive energy is created with colors like purple, blue, red, yellow and green. The more popular colors nowadays are blues and greens which represent nature and calm, relevant for people using outdoor hospitality furniture Brisbane based.

Mixing it up with indoor and outdoor options

While certain furniture may be designed with outdoors in mind as it is made to be weather resistant and durable, some places choose to ignore what should be indoor and out and mix it up. Moving outdoor furniture into the indoor space can help bring the outdoors itself in too. Hospitality furniture Melbourne or anywhere does not have to follow set rules!

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Mixing it up with materials and styles

Traditionally most in the hospitality business opt for a theme and their furniture is chosen to suit that theme. However more modern places are choosing to mix up the designs and even the materials they use. Rather than having to choose between rattan or aluminum furniture you can have both, this can be a good way to maximize the use of space and offer different comfort options to the customers. This does not mean choosing options that clash, it is possible to have a mix that still actually go well. Customization can be a great way to stand out from the competition too.


Whether you choose to go along with one of these trends, start one of your own or opt for a more traditional approach, choose furniture you think your customers will be comfortable with. There are many different suppliers you can look at, just check your budget, and the space you have too.

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