5 Common Roof Problems

Roof Problems

The problem with your roof is when there is a problem it is not always immediately obvious, and when they are not dealt with they can develop easily into larger problems that are more expensive to fix. There are several common roof problems homeowners can be faced with, that might lead to serious roof issues which we will look at below.

When you discover these roofing problems, it is important to repair your roof by hiring a professional roofing contractor.

  1. Leaking and too much moisture – Moisture can lead to the roofing itself rotting causing small problems that can spread into a large one where the strength of your roof is completely compromised. They can happen anywhere, in shingles, around fixtures, beneath flashing and so on. Signs include stained ceilings indoors and paint bubbling. Should you see them get a roofer straightaway to take a look at the damage and get it repaired.
  2. Damage from strong winds – During strong winds and stormy weather serious immediate damage can happen to a roof, so it is a good idea to have yours inspected by a roofer after a storm to check everything is okay. Winds can carry heavy debris that damage the roof, they can pull off your roofing materials and that can then lead to other problems like leaks. There are times in worst case scenarios when whole roofs need to be replaced.
  3. The flashing is not maintained – The flashing on a roof gives protection to the materials like fixtures, tiles and so when it is not properly maintained it lets in water and damage to the roof occurs.
  4. Other weathering – As well as specific issues with strong winds already mentioned, there is other damage that can be caused by exposure to the elements. Strong sun, snow, ice, rain can all cause the materials to start to break down, especially when they are older, and eventually, they need to be replaced. If you have a roof made from inorganic materials these can hold up longer than organic materials, but still over time weathering happens.
  5. Poorly designed roof – In some cases, homeowner unknowingly buy a new home that has a roof that was not well thought out or designed. In this situation having to try and fix design flaws in the roof itself can be hard and expensive. Sometimes the best option is to just replace the roof and start over. Otherwise, those problems are just going to keep coming up because the design itself is to blame.
Roof Problems


There are a lot of other problems that can happen with roofing but the key to finding them and the ones above is to make sure the roof is regularly inspected by a professional roofer for find any kind of Roof Problems. They know what signs to look for so that small fixes can be made for less cost, rather than waiting until the problem is larger. You should have at least annual inspections scheduled, and then have additional ones after especially concerning storms or conditions that may have caused damage. Make sure the roofer you use is qualified, trustworthy and experienced.

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