Homeowners Guide to Successful Tree Pruning

Homeowners Guide to Successful Tree Pruning

Do you have trees on your property? It must be a wonderful experience to enjoy nature at its best. But trees need care and pruning to be healthy. If you do not understand much about trees then you will have to call an arborist to guide you in the matter. To maintain the appearance of a tree and extend its lifetime the tree should be pruned in winter.

In winter leaves fall to the ground and you can see which branches need cutting or trimming. Dead branches can be easily seen. Pruning during winter months is good as there are no diseases and pests. The wounds also heal faster in colder temperatures.

How should the trees be pruned?

If you do not understand much about pruning and caring for trees then you will have to call the local tree care services for pruning and taking care of the health of your trees. A tree cannot be cut just anywhere. To maintain the health of the tree, it should be cut at the V-shaped portion where branches usually spill during a storm. There can be severe damage to the property if the weak branches are not cut at the V-shaped portion. So during winter, all weak and dead branches should be cut.

When the tree is young it is better to cut and trim the branches when they have not had enough time to grow thick and hard. Two of the common tools that you need for the job will be pruning pole saws and shears. With shears, you can get enough leverage when shaping branches close to the ground.

How are trees damaged by topping?

A topping is not pruning. In topping the vertical stem and upper branches are cut into stubs of uniform height which is also known as stubbing or heading. A topping is not good for the trees as the food making capacity of the trees is reduced. Trees need a big leaf surface to prepare food for growth and maintenance. When the top of the tree is cut off the food making potential is decreased and the stored reserves of the tree are exhausted.

Topping gives rise to water-sprout growth which is unattractive and also to large wounds which will take very long to heal. They will also be susceptible to fungal decay and insect attacks. Any of the pests can invade the trunk and kill the tree.

Homeowners Guide to Successful Tree Pruning

Enhance your property with proper pruning techniques

Pruning the right way can beautify any tree, shrub or landscape but if pruning is not done properly the potential of any landscape can be reduced or ruined. When you do not know anything about pruning it is best not to do it than to do it incorrectly. Very often improper pruning methods are used reducing healthy plants to weak and deformed ones.

Like all other skills pruning too requires know-how. Many trees are killed by improper pruning. Pruning is the removal of parts that are not effective or useful to the plant. Pruning is done to provide more energy to limbs, flowers, and fruits.

Summary Successful tree pruning can enhance the beauty of a tree and landscape and increase the value of the property.

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