Whether you are renovating your bathroom or installing new hardwood flooring, the type of builders you hire will definitely determine the end results. And these days there are more amateurs out there than true and knowledgeable experts.  

Hiring the right tradesman for your renovation/remodeling project can be a difficult process. However, we won’t let you face this on your own. To help you out with your renovating journey, here are some tips for finding and hiring the right builders in London:


The beauty about the 21st century is that everything can be found online. So the first step in finding your ideal builders is doing some online research. Some people recommend working with your local builders, so you can also search according to your location. After you find some companies you like, check their professional website and online reviews.

If most of the reviews are positive and the website is neat and polished then definitely schedule an interview or free survey. Also, look if they have galleries with images of previous projects. This will tell you a great deal about their specializations and expertise.  


We mentioned searching for local builders online. Google maps can help you out with this, but there are tons of other websites which ease up the process. Most of these websites show reviews from previous clients and are great tools for helping you find the right contractors. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Checktrade ( for builders to get listed in Checktrade, they must go through a face-to-face interview and provide minimum 5 references. This means that they only list qualified and professional builders)
  • MyBuilder ( same as Checktrade, this website only lists licensed and qualified experts. In fact, 40% of applicants are rejected, so you can rest assured that you will find the top of the bunch)
  • Federation of Master Builders (Technically, it is not the same as the other websites since it is an official body that protects workers. However, similarly to other websites, it has an online search tool to help find only qualified, double-checked, and licensed tradesman)


The key for finding truly knowledgeable builders is to look for experience, license, and insurance. These three are a must-have for every building and construction company. For example, if you choose somebody that isn’t insured, you might end up paying for injuries or mistakes that happen during the construction process.

As a potential client, you have the full right to look at a company’s official documents such as certifications, license, and insurance. Additionally, you can also ask to talk with their previous clients. If the company is reluctant to give you such information, think twice before you hire them.


As you progress with your research, you will find many companies that satisfy your criteria. Remember, there are tons of builders in London that are licensed, insured, have good reviews, and are experienced. You might have to schedule interviews with multiple firms, but it’s better to investigate more options than making the dangerous mistake of hiring the wrong people for the job.

The builders you hire should also be specialized in the exact niche you are in need of. For example, if you want a loft conversion, look for somebody that has experience in that exact field and offers to show you examples of similar previous projects.


Builders in London who have a rich and successful resume are your best bet for achieving your renovation goals.

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