Licensed Roofing Contractors are the way to go. Here’s few reasons why!

Roofing Contractors

If you value the roof in your home, don’t compromise on any roofing work. It’s great to cut costs by going for unlicensed roofers but the results will show its not up to par. Licensed roofers may charge more but you can expect quality work from them. There are quite a few reasons why licensed roofers bring more value to you despite the cost.

Every time you get roofing done from a licensed contractor, you know you’re getting your money’s worth. They’re certified from a state licensing board so you know you’re getting a proper professional attending to your roofing needs. Basically, you won’t need to call him again because he’ll do an excellent job on his first visit. He is awarded the license because he has proven to the state board he can do the job well and is highly reliable

For any roofing job, state licensing boards such as the one in California, 10% of the total cost is the down payment prior to starting work. The rest is paid upon completion. Unlicensed contractors would demand the cash up front and then you may never see him at your door again. He  may come cheap but he would be highly unreliable. The 10% down payment to a licensed contractor gives you a guarantee that he would finish the job on time and as required to collect the rest of the payment. That’s a mutual incentive for customer and contractor.

We’ve all heard documentation helps keeping things fair and legal. The contractor and customer agree on a written contract that will outline all details on the job. The mechanics linen clause will even protect you if the licensed contractor cheats you and the subcontractors he  was supposed to pay from his payment. This way, you have a real guarantee on paper and it’s always better being safe than sorry.

Licensed contractors

Licensed contractors come with insurance and it adds another layer of protection. Shall his crew member gets hurt or there is some incident, you aren’t liable for it. Accidents can happen so you’re protected just in case.

There’s always chances you  may encounter a licensed contractor who is greedy  and may try to cheat you. He won’t get away with it and he could risk his license being revoked. Unlicensed contractors won’t care because they don’t have a license. If there’s any issues with licensed contractors, the state licensing board may intervene so you’re safe.

These contractors worked hard to obtain a license and are looking to build a reputation so you could place your trust in them but know you’re protected in case something goes wrong. Licensed contractors will do a professional and excellent job for the most part because they realize their license is very important to them and they also want to retain customers for future concerns. Your roof is your shelter so their maintenance needs to be entrusted in the right hands. Your hard earned money needs to have the right return on investment so you should go with a licensed contractor even when tempted by a low-cost unlicensed contractor.

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