New to Pool Ownership – Common mistakes you can avoid

Pool Ownership
Swimming pools requires attentiveness and awareness. By following some simple safety tips, pool owners can substantially reduce the chances of an accident taking place.

There are many great options if you are looking for a pool service on the East Coast, and these are going to be especially useful if you are new to pool ownership. Whether you need a pool company in Medford or a pool service in Marlton, there are some important jobs that have to be done. There are some common mistakes pool owners make that can lead to problems. Here is a closer look at those and how you can avoid making them!

Pool Ownership

Six common concerns for pool owners

1) Not enough chlorine in the water – Without chlorine, the water turns green and bacteria develops and it is unsafe to use. Pool owners often do not test the water and top up the chlorine enough, and they think there is no need at all in the winter months. It is important pool owners test the chlorine level of the water in their pool regularly. Even in the winter, it should be tested weekly but in the summer it should be a good twice a week. Make sure the tests are documented so you can observe any patterns that may be important. At the same time, the pH levels need to be tested and chemicals added if adjustments are needed.

2) Not looking after the filters – Owners fail to check the filters and clean them out. This then means the water is not being filtered properly and the water becomes cloudy, green and unsafe. If you do not know what to look for on the filter gauge hire a pool service in Marlton or wherever you are located.

3) Not giving the pool extra care after a pool party – Having a lot of people in the pool puts stress on it and often by the end there is hardly any chlorine left in the water. This needs to be topped up after being checked or the pool becomes unsafe. When the party is over the pool also need shocking and cleaning and the filter needs to be run for a few hours.

4) Not keeping an eye on the water level of the pool – Especially when it is in a lot of use in the warm months, the water level should always be at least halfway up if not more. Letting the levels drop too far can lead to damage to the water pump and unclean water. This would be one of the things a pool company in Medford that you hire would keep an eye on.

5) Not running the filter for long enough – A lot of pool owners will not run the pool filter for long enough in order to lower the spend on the energy bill but that is really inviting pool problems.

6) Not cleaning out the skimmer and pump baskets – When they get full of debris the filtration becomes poor and as well as leading to unclean water, it overworks the pool motor.

Look after the pool or hire someone to do it for you because too much can go wrong that could lead to more expensive jobs being done or repairs having to be made.

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