Private Power Poles Need Fireproofing


With a lot more people deciding to put private power poles onto their land it becomes important that they know how to do it, that they need to use a level 2 electrician Sydney, and that the poles are fireproofed. There are a few reasons that homeowners are opting to do this but the two top ones that come up are that it is safer and it reduces their negative impact on the landscape.

Put plainly, power poles are not especially attractive, so it makes sense to place them back out of the way, rather than right in front of people’s homes and along paths and roads. When you choose to do this though it is your responsibility to do it correctly, look after it, make sure it is safe, and have it checked regularly. For wooden or timber power poles one potential hazard is fire. Here is a closer look at what fireproofing involves.

Why fireproofing is important

Fireproofing is important because it lessens the chance of electrical fires which do damage to properties and can cause injuries and even deaths. What some might not realise too is that fireproofing has the bonus of protecting you from having to deal with additional power outages, an obvious outcome of fires. Investing in fireproofing can also save you money in the long term.

How to go about fireproofing private power poles

Fireproofing is not a super complex process thankfully and a level 2 electrician can advise you further if they feel additional steps are needed. First of all, get the location of the power pole right. Make sure there are no bushes or trees too close that could be a potential hazard. Have some trimming done and make sure someone checks on the growth and comes to trim back regularly. One tip some landowners suggest is using pesticides on the space just around the pole so nothing grows there and no fuel for fires grows over time. This is known as grubbing the pole. The pole itself can be treated too.

Underground power lines are less of a fire risk so you could choose to have yours buried beneath the surface on your land. A level 2 electrician Sydney would help with their maintenance, but this option is more expensive and you need permission from the council so you do not dig into any pipes or such.
Another option is rather than choosing a wooden pole you could change to a steel or composite power pole. They are fire-resistant and so as long as you still keep vegetation and trees away, there is a lot less of a fire risk. They are termite proof too. You can even find poles that are rustproof so you have more peace of mind.

Help with installation and maintenance of power poles

Whatever decisions you make when it comes to installation and regular checks you need a licensed professional level 2 electrician. Look for a company with good reviews who have a good safety record and have the experience and training that is so important when working with power lines and poles.

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