Renew your Home During Quarantine: 5 Things you can Do

Renew your Home During Quarantine
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Painting, new shelves or rearranging furniture are simple things that can be done as a family.Houses and apartments require maintenance, which can be done little by little during the free hours of this quarantine.

A Comfortable Home Directly Influences People’s Mood

The coronavirus has caused millions of people around the world to stay at home to avoid getting the virus; many have stopped working, almost all the children in the world have had to suspend their education and entire families have been forced to take shelter in their homes.

And although many have managed to establish dynamics and activities so as not to get bored or there are even those who must work remotely, the reality is that the fact of not having to leave the house causes too much free time.

However, that extra time that seems to pass slowly due to the closure, could be used to carry out home repairs that, due to lack of time or decided, had not been done.Here are five activities you can do during quarantine to renovate your home and make it look much better.

Paint and Renovate the House During Quarantine

One of the basics in home renovation is to paint the walls, something that is very easy and can be done as a family during quarantine with the expert’s helper of eco home builder. If the walls look dirty or worn, the paint is the ideal ally to give a new view to your home.

In addition, it offers you the opportunity to play with other colors; You can paint each room in a different tone or play with combinations and designs.

Before starting to paint the walls, it is important to protect the furniture with plastic or newspaper to avoid splashing them.

Check the Pipes

Many times, within the home there are small leaks that seem unimportant; Maybe a leak in the bathroom or a leak in the sink, things that seem insignificant but that could eventually result in more complex repairs.

So, it is worth taking a look at all the pipes and checking that everything is OK. Readjust tubes, clean them if you have the necessary knowledge and tools, or just to identify and plan the repairs you should do for when the contingency ends.

Change the Furniture to Renovate the House

A change in the distribution of furniture can make the spaces in the house seem completely new. It all depends on the spaces you have, but you can even change the use of the rooms; for example, the living room could become the dining room and the dining room into the living room.

Sometimes a bad location of the furniture can generate dead spaces in homes. With these movements you can find creative ways to save space and the house can look bigger.

Similarly, if the furniture is always in the same place, the floor begins to wear down in certain areas due to traffic. On the other hand, if the location is changed from time to time, the apartment is not spent.

Organize the Closet

Quarantine can be the perfect time to deep clean closets for the entire family. Taking out clothes that are no longer used, old shoes, or stored accessories that are no longer used are also part of the home renovation.

In addition, clothing that is no longer used can be given to other family members or donated to shelters and homes once the receipt is over. Even if the clothes are still in good condition, there are bazaars where they receive the garments to extend their useful life.

Do Deep Cleaning in Quarantine

Thorough cleaning of the home is a basic principle of renovation. This allows to give a new air to the spaces of the house, which also influences the health of those who inhabit it.

Home hygiene is as important as your own, germs and bacteria are everywhere, causing risks if the areas of the house are not disinfected regularly and in Covid-19 times it is very important to take all precautions.

Dust mites, mold, pet hair and insects can be very harmful to health and cause innumerable diseases, so cleaning the house in depth is also part of our obligations.

Cleaning does not have to be done all in one day, the house can be divided into spaces or sections and done per day. This can also help to get rid of things that are no longer used.

Finally, it is important to remember that the decoration and colors of the home are directly related to physical and mental well-being.

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