All You Need To Know Before Buying a Custom Sofa

Are you deciding to buy a brand new sofa to remodel or upgrade your home? Well! You must know that a sofa needs a significant amount of money as compared to other furniture. You have to invest wisely.

Now you must consider some important facts before investing your money in purchasing a sofa that is not only comfortable to sit but also improve your living room aesthetics. For this, we have a complete buying guide considering everything you need to know while purchasing a good quality comfortable sofa for your home. Here we have taken into account the material, pattern, frame, and types of sofa to help you get the right piece effortlessly. Take a quick look below.

Consider What You Want

The first and the most important thing that you must take into account before getting a sofa is to observe why you need it. Read the following points and figure out which piece suits exactly your desire.

  • If you want to put it in a large living room then you should buy a sofa with 3 seats or more to efficiently utilize your space. On the other hand, if you want to place it in your bedroom then you should buy a smaller one or maybe a couch.
  • If you have children then you have to consider the frame and spring stiffness because every child likes to jump on sofas no matter how new they are.
  • The next thing to see is that whether you have pets or not. This is because pets may scratch your sofa and destroy its appearance. Hence consider the material, not the appearance.
  • The next question is why do you want to purchase it? If you want to use that sofa when you invite the guest to your home then you should choose a longer one so that more than one people can sit comfortably.
  • In case you want to have a sofa so that you can sit on it to watch TV or read a novel then go with a smaller one. Make sure it is warm, soft and cozy.
  • Next important thing is to measure the size of sofa accurately. Make sure that the sofa can easily pass through the passage and the doorway so measure their sizes as well.
  • Observe your floors of the room too where you want to put the sofa before purchasing it. If your floors get scratched easily then consider your sofa legs like avoiding hairpin legs otherwise you can also use a carpet and rug to avoid any damages.

Choose The Right Fabric

Again it is important to consider what you want. There are a number of sofa materials to choose from. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can use velvet or polyester fabric for your sofas that are most frequently used by the family members. It will give a soft touch and a classic look at the same time.
  • Another popular material for sofa fabric is Damask. It will give a traditional and luxurious look to the sofa. But this material can only be dry-cleaned otherwise it got damaged so use it for a drawing-room
  • Leather or micro-fiber is best if you have children or pets. Sometimes it gets difficult to get off all the mess made by your child and your pet hair, so cleaning a leather sofa will make your task easy.
  • Silk fabric is also very popular but only for sofas that are not frequently used because it requires high maintenance.

 The last tip for fabric is that if you have scratches and wear and tear on a smooth fabric then it will become more prominent. So try using a textured material for areas of heavy usage.

Choose The Right Type

There are various types of sofas depending upon the frame structure. When it comes to choose the right one, focus more on its comfortability rather than current trends and style. Here are a few tips to get the best one for you.

  • If you have some elderly people in your home then you should purchase a shallow seated sofa that can be used easily by all the family members. This is because old people cannot put much pressure on their knees and back so avoid a deep-seated sofa. Also the sofa must have a tight back to avoid back pain. We have seen that the best sofa for this purpose is camel-back sofa.
  • Next, you should also consider if there are any tall people in your home. Choose the one with soft comfortable cushions and back and a deep seating sofa for them. In this situation, an English roll arm sofa is the best choice.
  • Next type is called Tuxedo. These are known as the box-shaped sofas. If you want to have an outdoor sofa then tuxedo is the best choice. Its arms are mostly of the same height as the back. So these arms are not comfortable to lean on. You can place it in the drawing-room or use it for outdoors.
  • Another sofa called the Chaise can have a single or two or no arms at all with a back. These are best-suited sofas for your bedrooms and for your living rooms. They are comfortable to sit and lean on and overall it gives a modern classy look to the place.

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