Thing You Should Know Before Buying Bath Taps For Your Bathroom

Thing You Should Know Before Buying Bath Taps For Your Bathroom - My Home Decor Art

Bath taps are the smallest but very important utilitarian unit in the bathroom as they not only control the water flow but also add an aesthetic value to the bathroom. Design and technology have come a long way and it has become an integral part of bathroom remodeling. Choosing a bathroom tap sounds easy, but it’s not as there are plethora of options available in the market. Bathroom is one part of your house which you will use every day therefore it becomes necessary to spend some time selecting the one which will function properly and also suits the interior. If you are looking forward to remodel or construct a new bathroom for your new house and looking for bath taps, then outlined below are few points which can help you to take a decision easily.

Style:  It becomes very important that you finalize the style of bath taps you want, but for this you will have to determine the budget, type of bath and basin you have i.e. does it possess one hole for a single tap or two holes for two separate taps.  With this you can narrow down your search; if your bath and basin have two holes you need a pillar tap and if it has one hole you will need a mixture tap which can be used for both cold and hot water.

Pillar taps can basically work perfectly even with low pressure water system but it’s not the case with mixture taps, you will need a water pressure system which can provide high pressure. Both pillar and mixture taps have wide range of designs right from Victorian chic style to a contemporary avant-garde style. This totally depends on personal taste and budget.

Water pressure: Before you select a bathroom tap, you will need to ascertain what water pressure you have. If the water pressure is not enough, even the costliest tap won’t work effectively. So before buying a tap read the product specifications as most of them have mentioned about their water pressure required for the proper functioning of the tap. It’s a known phenomenon that if your water tank is stored at higher place, the better the water pressure you will get. Still if you are not sure, you can take the help of a professional plumber in order to determine the water pressure.

Finish: Most of the bath taps manufactured today are made up of brass and then given a specific type of finish i.e. chrome finish, gold finish, nickel finish etc. You can choose the type of finish based on your likings and as per the interior of your bathroom. Chrome finish is the most preferred and common type of finish and has numerous designs and styles when compared to other finishes. Chrome taps are ruling the market because they are easy to maintain, the style is timeless and comes in various shapes and sizes.

Installation: Hiring a professional plumber to install the bath taps is extremely important. If the taps are not installed properly you can face the issues of water leaks which can transform into a very big problem as it will cause wastage of water and increase your energy cost. Installing the taps in the right way, right position and of course without damaging it is very necessary and therefore the need of an experienced and professional plumber arises.

Bath taps can add to the richness, feel and interior of your bathroom, so selecting the right style, design and type becomes very important. Now you know how to narrow down your search on selecting the right bath taps, choose a tap which not only looks good but also functions smoothly.

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