Tree Trimming and Pruning Guide

Tree Trimming and Pruning Guide F

Trimming and pruning trees are not like levelling flowers and cutting off hedges and snipping shrubs. Tree cutting is a much more challenging task as their branches pose hazards to those who are not trained in the art of tree cutting. Wrong use of trimming tools can also cause nasty accidents too. To avoid unfortunate occurrences, read through this guide on how to protect yourself and everyone around you when cutting down trees.

Study the manual – If you are using a chain saw or a high tech trimming device, make sure you study the user manual carefully to digest all the details on how to use the device effectively. Safety Tips included in the manual should be taken seriously.

Wear protective gear – Your eyes, ears, hands, arms, and limbs need to be well protected. Make sure you wear the right goggles, long trousers and sleeves, protective goggles, tough slip resistant boots and ear protective devices to protect your ears.

Be Careful with trimming tools – When working the tree with work tools, avoid the temptation to rush the job as this is risky. Take your time when using work tools. Tree trimming and pruning devices are designed for the sole purpose no trimming trees and nothing else. Bear that in mind.

Check weather conditions – Before you start the job, check to see if the skies are clear and conducive enough. If you suspect that it is going to rain or the skies are unclear, leave the trimming exercise for another day.

Secure the area – Secure the area to condone off passerby before you commence the tree trimming exercise. For the benefit of doubt, have an individual stand guard to ward off children, pets and unsuspecting passerby who may not be aware they area had been condoned off.

Work with both hands – When operating trimming devices like chainsaws and pole saws, make sure you operate them using both hands. To maintain balance when at work, ensure that the ladder on which you are standing on is well placed and firmly grounded to prevent unsteadiness. If you are hanging off a pole, also ensure that the pole straps are firm well placed to maintain balance. With both foot firmly in place, you should be able to work with both hands.

Your frame of your mind is very important when engaging in a mentally and physically strenuous exercise such as tree cutting. If you feel weak or sickly, avoid trimming and pruning trees. Also stay away if you are using any from of medication as you need to be alert when working with trimming equipment. Also make sure that you have at least a partner or two present in case of emergencies.

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