Upgrades to Consider While Reroofing

Upgrades to Consider While Reroofing

When reroofing your home you will always like to have some upgrades as you have seen in some new homes. There are a few upgrades that are worth considering. Since you are installing a new roof you can choose shingle that is energy efficient. You can also install gutters that are low on maintenance. Eave flashing can be installed and ventilation in the roof can be improved. An airtight cap on the chimney can also be installed.

This will extend the lifetime of the roof and make it functional and beautiful. Though roof installation is the most important investment it is not the most glamorous and no friends or family visiting your home will admire it. Upgrade in roof installation will help to cut down on expense and maintenance.

The advantages of upgrades when re-roofing your home – When re-roofing your home you can use an affordable way to improve the look of your home and enhance its worth. Most of the new roofs that are available today are made of high-quality material with a 50-year guarantee. Many of the roof constructions of the present day have PIR foam insulation which is 10mm thick and energy efficient so most homeowners would gladly opt for upgrading the old insulation when re-roofing.

A roof that is fully insulated will keep the rooms cooler during summer and warmer during winter. It will also reduce carbon emissions and decrease heating bills. When re-roofing, you can use eave flashing to provide a watertight seal in places which are vulnerable to leaks. You may also consider getting solar permits and adding solar panels to your roof when upgrading. Though you may add solar PV system without a permit, it is not advisable to it.

Low maintenance gutters – While re-roofing your home you can install low maintenance gutters which are cost-effective. These gutters have built-in hoods which do not require any maintenance. The rainwater flows down through the rounded hood without spilling. Leaves cannot clog the gutters, so you do not require somebody to regularly go and clean the clogged gutters. The gutters have a screen that keeps out debris and is considered a regular solution for debris not to accumulate.

The gutters are seamless and made of a single piece and available in a wide range of colors which can resist heavy showers. Homeowners can choose a color that matches their roofing and defines the eaves of the roof. In the beginning, you will have to invest a little more but the investment is worth it as the gutters have a lifetime warranty.

How can shingles upgrade help – The best way to decrease your cooling costs in the summer months is to change your shingles when re-roofing. New shingles that are available have reflective granules that reflect the sun’s harsh rays. When sun rays are redirected heat is reflected away from the home keeping it cool so energy is saved on running the air conditioner.

Keep Chimney clean with sealed chimney – cap

A sealed chimney cap will help to keep critters and dust away. It can be closed by pulling a lever in the fireplace. It also prevents unwanted circulation of air like hot air coming in the summer or going out in winter.


When you go for upgrades during re-roofing you pay more initially but you save in the long run by conserving energy and having no maintenance.

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