What a Professional Electrician Should Look Like

What a Professional Electrician Should Look Like

When you are looking for an electrician you should look for someone who is licensed, trained and knows the codes and regulations they must adhere to. Any electrician Hervey Bay you might hire should have a wide understanding of the various jobs they might be called upon to work on.

What to expect

A professional electrician will have the electrical equipment needed for any job they might be called out for. They might work in homes, or commercial buildings and are responsible for a variety of areas including maintaining and setting up fuse boxes, installations, electrical outlets, wiring, sockets, and anything else that involves the flow of electricity. Some might work more on the maintaining side of things and some more on the construction side. They will know how to handle electrical work safely, how to keep buildings and homes and their occupants safe from potential electrical fires and have the right training for other job hazards such as using sharp or dangerous tools, working from ladders or scaffolding and more.

Different types of electricians

As mentioned some electricians work in homes, known as residential electricians. Some work more on commercial properties, some in construction and installing wiring with new builds. Most electricians will choose an area and learn about and work in that area most if not all of the time. Some electricians might have experience in both commercial buildings and residential. There are different codes to know and follow so when needing any Fraser Coast electrical work make sure you get someone with experience and understanding of your needs.

Proper qualifications

When someone decides they want to become an electrician there is a fair amount of training they need to go through as well as tests to take to get the certification and license so they can work legally. The training involves training on the job as well as classroom instruction. In general, the programs last for 4 years. When looking for an electrician Hervey Bay, look for a company that only hires qualified and licensed electricians.

Licensed are the best!

To get a license to work an electrician needs to pass an examination. These test not just knowledge of electrical work but also knowledge of electrical codes, building codes and electrical theory too. Any good electrician should have a certain skill set including good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, good balance, no fear of heights and to have a certain level of fitness too. It is also important they have good colour vision. An electrician with a genuine license is someone you are better able to trust, and they are less likely to make mistakes that might risk the property and the lives of the people in it.


Electricians are an essential workforce in our modern lives where so much of what we do depends on electrical power. Whatever your Fraser Coast electrical needs are, find a licensed and qualified electrician for the job. It is the right choice to make.

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