Why You Should Install Hardwood Flooring in Autumn

Why You Should Install Hardwood Flooring in Autumn

When it comes to making some of those all-important improvements on your home, especially if you are completely renovating a room(Hardwood Flooring), you need to ensure that you have plenty of time to do all of the work that needs doing. Renovating is not cheap, so you want to ensure that you do everything at the best time possible. Some of the jobs that you need to do can be done at any time in the year, for example, papering and painting. However, there are other jobs that are much better dealt with at particular times of the year. This is true of jobs such as installing hardwood flooring, for example, where the temperatures and moisture content in the atmosphere can have an impact on the result of the end product.

If you are looking to make a real statement in your home then new flooring, and in particular the luxury and quality that you get from hardwood flooring could be a great decision. When it comes to installing hardwood flooring however there are certain times in the year that this is better done as any expert in wooden flooring in Surrey will tell you. Autumn, or if you can’t manage that, Spring, when the weather is not too hot, or too cold, and there is less moisture in the air is really the best time to do this.

How important is weather?

You might not realise it but the moisture content of winter, or indeed summer when it can be very humid, can present some difficulties when it comes to installing hardwood flooring. The problem with winter is that the weather can be very cold and damp. It can also mean that it is very dry in your home as you will probably be running your central heating. As a result of running your heating, the dry air can, in fact, cause your new floorboards to shrink a little, and in the long run, this will mean your flooring will not look its best.

If your hardwood flooring is not able to acclimatise properly then there is a chance that your floorboards will begin to cup. Cupping is a process where the boards can begin to pull apart, and this can ultimately result in damaged flooring. When you install hardwood flooring in the autumn, you are able to acclimatise the boards properly as the weather will get colder gradually before you eventually turn your heating on. This means your hardwood flooring is not subjected to any large changes in temperature.

Summer, on the other hand, can be rather hot and muggy, sometimes excessively hot, and because hardwood is somewhat porous this can result in the boards absorbing too much of the moisture that is found in the air. This absorption of moisture can cause the boards to swell and in turn, can result in a floor that looks like it has been fitted badly.

Sometimes the adhesives that are used to install hardwood floors can also pose a problem. They can react with the temperatures. For example, cooler weather makes bonding difficult and this can also result in a badly fitting floor.


It is also worth remembering that the process of having wooden flooring fitted may mean that your doors are continually being opened and closed. In the winter this means the house will get colder and your central heating may turn itself up in order to compensate for that, giving you even more temperature issues. These are not ideal conditions for having a hardwood floor fitted and whilst hopefully, won’t have too much of an effect on your flooring, it will certainly have an effect on your utility bills.

Whilst the doors will still need to be opened and closed lots in the autumn the weather shouldn’t be too cool to make the temperature in your home an issue.

Choosing the right time to get your flooring fitted can make a real difference to how it looks once it’s down, so do consider the time of year when making an appointment to have your flooring fitted.

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